There is rather a lot going on in this image. IC 1274 is the circular structure in the top, middle-right section of this photo. It is an HII region, sitting on the near edge of  a seriously large molecular cloud known as Lynds 227. A dark nebula (Barnard 91) defines the top edge of the nebula. The bright star in the center of IC 1274 is a young, energetic B0 V star (HD 166033); current thinking is that this is the star that has blown this massive bubble (Dahm et al., 2011). The nebula, itself, contain many stars in the B0-B5 range, which suggests that this is a population of new stars. The entire image is part of a highly productive stellar nursery that contains several fascinating deep-sky objects.

IC1274 nebula

Date: 12 July 2018
Constellation: Sagittarius
R.A.: 18h 09m 29.9s
Dec.: -23° 42' 36.3"
Photo stuff: 58 subs@180s ea.; ISO 800; Canon 60Da on Meade RCX400 16" f/8; 0.7 focal reducer