This image covers a massive star formation region approximately 4 kly away, and contains several nebulae. The largest is the emission nebula IC 4685, in the central portion of this photograph. The dark, dust lane of Barnard 303 snakes across it and points to the bright, white star (V3903 Sgr; an Orion-type variable) in the middle right. The blue reflection nebula on the lower right is NGC 6559. In the lower left corner is fainter IC 1275. It is possible that the emission nebulae are part of a river of hydrogen connecting to M8, the Lagoon Nebula, which is a nearby neighbour.


Date: 11 July 2016
Constellation: Sagittarius
R.A.: 18h 09m 28s
Dec.: -23° 59' 04"
Photo stuff: 57 subs@s 180s ea.; ISO 800; Canon 60Da on Meade RCX400 f/8 with 0.7 focal reducer