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About this blog

This is a place for me to post my paltry efforts in astrophotography, along with my musings about the craft and science. My apologies if the musings at times seem a bit incoherent. It is most likely due to a worrying low ratio of sleep-to-wakefulness. Cheers, Gary

Entries in this blog

NGC 3293 - The Gem Cluster

This is the first image I produced after taking 14 months “off” for pandemic lockdowns, two major injuries, the demands of earning a living, and a keen desire to see if sleep was as highly rated as people seem to think (nope). I chose NGC 3293 – The Gem Cluster – as my get-back-to-it target because it is relatively easy for data acquisition and I needed to brush up those skills. As it turned out, the seeing was less than perfect that night so data acquisition and post-processing were a bit more


Gary in Open Cluster

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