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NGC 2442 - The Meathook Galaxy



I know, I know - not the prettiest name for a such an interesting galaxy, but I didn't come up with it. NGC 2442 is an example of a peculiar, barred spiral galaxy. In this case, its peculiarity is most likely due to gravitational tides when it interacted with another galaxy at some point in its history; possibly the smaller one (PGC 21456) visible to its right. Besides leaving it with an odd shape, the interaction would have started a burst of star formation evident in its arms. The Meathook, which is approximately 56 Mly away, can be found in the constellation Volans. Although not the brightest of galaxies (sorry, Meathook), it can be seen in relatively small telescopes if you are a practiced observer and under good, dark skies. 

Dates: 01 March, 2019; 05 March, 2019
R.A.: 06h 37m 08.9s
Dec.: -69° 34" 16.2"
Photo stuff: (subs) 37 frames @ 180s + 34 frames @ 300s ea.; ISO 800; Canon 60Da on the Meade RCX400 16" f/8; Astronomics 0.7 focal reducer

NGC 2442.jpg


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