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The Moon & Jupiter



This one was unplanned. The sky cleared, I stepped out into the backyard, and there was Jupiter about 3 degrees from a just-past-full moon. I grabbed a few shots and created this composite. The composite was necessary to show all the objects, of course, because exposing for the moon completely dims Jupiter and loses its Galilean moons, while exposing for Jupiter makes the moon look like the lens is staring at the sun. In the end, I processed three separate frames (Moon, Jupiter, and the Galilean moons) as they appeared through the viewfinder.

Date:  May 21, 2019 (about 01:00)
R.A. (approx.): 17h 22m 10s
Dec. (approx.): -21° 07' 50" 
Photo stuff: Exposure times: Moon = 1/640s and Jupiter = 1/4s; ISO 400; Canon 6D; Tamron 500mm f/8 catadioptric lens




Lunar & Jupiter conjunction May 21 2019.jpg


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