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Lunar Eclipse and Aurora?

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All the best laid plans come together at the last minute. As you will already know on Wednesday there is a lunar eclipse. We're also forecast lovely clear skies. And to top things off, there is an Aurora forecast allegedly giving us G2 or G1 storm conditions.

Sooo, the question is, would you be interested in coming along for a combined session, something like 8 to 11.30pm? Bring tripod, DSLR cameras and we could guide you through how to get the best from your DSLR and you could get some lunar scope time and explain some of the night sky to you

We could cater for upto 10-12 people, with warm room, toilets and a kitchen space.

If there is enough interest, we could put something together - approx $80-100 price range due to length of time of the session. Let us know by replying below.


IMG_20190805_225420_130.thumb.jpg.c6e9eaea4ff9661c43a6eaea44e41da4.jpg Screenshot_23.thumb.png.eea6b3d70a39ebf56a48ad7d733df9f3.png

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****Limited tickets are now available****

The focus of this special evening is the Lunar Eclipse, we will view the moon in detail, or if conditions and time allows, see fascinating open clusters and nebula. Our local dark sky tour guides are keen stargazers and can talk you through the various delights of the southern night sky.

The astronomy tour is aimed at adults (due to the duration and time of night). You are welcome to bring your DSLR camera and tripod and we will endeavour to assist you to get the most from your night of widefield astro photography. An aurora forecast is anticipated to produce an aurora, but conditions cannot be guaranteed.

The evening will cover how to maximise your chances of how to see aurora and what camera settings to use for those that are interested.

We have a heated room, and toilets available throughout the evening. You are welcome to bring food and a flask containing a hot drink, outside seating, warm rugs or a duvet with you so that you can sit and relax outside, either on grass or asphalt surface. If you bring a torch, please make sure it is RED light only. Please note: Alcohol is not allowed on site.

VERY limited tickets available http://chchastrotours.eventbrite.com/

#christchurchnz #exploreCHC #sensationalselwyn #lunareclipse #moon #aurora #auroraaustralis #astrophotography #astrophoto

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