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Finding the planets for October 2020

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There are 4 planets visible to the naked eye during the evenings of October 2020 from New Zealand.

At twilight, Jupiter, the bright object pretty much overhead at the start of the month, sets to the West as the month progresses.
As the sky darkens, Saturn can be seen as the bright object to the right of Jupiter. Saturn will appear as an oval in binoculars, whilst the 4 Galilean moons will be visible in a plane to either side of Jupiter. 

Mars, rising from the East will appear bright and orange in colour. It reaches its closest point to Earth around the middle of October, when its a mere 63 million km away.

Mercury sits low to the Southwest until the 20th or so.

Meanwhile in the mornings, the very bright Venus rises approximately 50 minutes before the Sun each day

Please feel free to reply if you have a something to say about the planets during October, or need help finding them. Or start a new topic if you have a question on another aspect of the October night sky.



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