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  1. Unfortunately professionals of all levels are often uncertain why their Mexico Phone Number List resumes and LinkedIn profiles are ignored by hiring managers, recruiters and HR professionals. Yes, sometimes there is a shortage of vacancies or hiring. It could be that your field is mired in a downtrend or you are located in a depressed area. However, I can assure Mexico Phone Number List you that these are the top reasons why your resume is not helping you earn interviews: Resumes with Personal Photographs - You might be lucky Mexico Phone Number List enough to be beautiful/handsome and you want to let people know it. Yet as a hiring manager, I do not care what you look like or how old you are if you are a top performer. This is just bad strategy to be honest because it increases an employer's liability to discrimination lawsuits Mexico Phone Number List . Photos are fine for your LinkedIn profile though because this is a personal networking website first. Vague and Ambiguous Resumes - Mexico Phone Number List This weak writing that does not add value to you and it actually repels employers. Resumes with Non-Standard/Hard to Read Fonts - Inappropriate fonts include handwriting style Mexico Phone Number List , Old English (really?), Western style, Calligraphy and really artsy fonts. First, your resume must be able to be easily scanned. Mexico Phone Number List Second, it must be located and readable by technology (search engines, ATS software, database searches, etc.).
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