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  • We offer a range of options for corporate groups and events, including special pricing for schools and community groups and privately scheduled dates outside of our normal operating times (but within our operating season). Being a Council owned site, we comply with the national Covid Protection Framework guidelines and in the event of a change of CPF setting we would look to honour your booking on an alternative date, once CPF allowed.

    Clear skies program – dark conditions (no white light, once on site)
    We would aim to deliver a fine weather program based on a max of 30 people, split into two groups of upto 15. This would allow us to hold a session in our audio-visual room with one group to discuss the solar system, star formation, clusters, nebula and galaxies, whilst showing some of the highlights of the night sky to the other group; using the naked eye, the telescope and astronomy rated binoculars. Each session would last approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour (depending on how long each group takes to cycle through the telescope objects), before each group rotates.

    Cloudy night program – normal lighting
    In the event of cloudy weather, we would want your event to still go ahead on the agreed date, rather than reschedule the group until we get a clear sky. This would also mean you could lock in your staffing requirements in advance if required. In this instance our program would comprise of 2 sessions in the audio-visual room, to last approximately 90 minutes in total. The two sessions would include discussion questions and answers, (as per the clear skies program) and the addition of some highlights from our public cloudy night presentation and would cater for everyone in one large group.

    There are self catering kitchen facilities on site
    The Community Centre has a fully fitted kitchen, disabled access toilets and space to sit and have a cuppa. If it's cold outside, we can offer those facilities to your group on a SELF-CATERING BASIS in between the 2 sessions (or two talks if its cloudy).

    If you would like more information, please contact us by calling 020 442 5299 or 020 4 GALAXY

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