Our stargazing tours for Winter 2024 (starting April 5th) have been expanded with experiences tailored around the Te Marama (The Moon) or a Dark Sky, depending on what's on display in the night sky during your experience. Our tickets are Fixed Date ticket, which is ideal for those visiting Christchurch. This means your event will go ahead on the specific date of your booking even if there is cloud cover. However, it will take the format of an indoor informal presentation & seminar type talk with your questions answered. Depending on the size of the group, we may also be able to offer VR and AR headsets. On any tour if the weather improves we will attempt to get you outside and visa versa if the weather closes in.

We can also offer exclusive Private Stargazing Experiences during 2024 - these are exclusive, private tours consisting of just your group or party. Once your booking is confirmed, ticket allocations are closed, preventing other people attending. Available for couples, families or small groups of upto 10 people. Depending on what’s on display in the night sky during your experience, they will either be presented as a Dark Sky or Te Marama experience. Of course, if you've been to our winter sessions, the night sky during summer is a little different, so you're welcome to bring a flask of hot chocolate and enjoy the ambience as we teach you about the different constellations. Due to the exclusive nature of the experience, there are no discounts to these sessions.

Click on the images for more information about each experience.

te marara experience


dark sky experience