Darksky Experience - Stargazing Tour Winter 2023

The stars have many tales to tell, both mythic and scientific. Our skyguides will take you through the narratives of the night sky, connecting you with stories that are ancient and information that is up to date.

Our groups are kept quite small so that we can show you more objects in a pleasantly unhurried manner. Along the way, we can take time to respond to individual requests and answer any of your questions. If you have a particular object you want to see, just ask! We’ll let you know if it is up and able to be viewed.

Travelling the night sky…

We begin the night with a general, “naked eye” orientation to the celestial sphere. You will learn about the signposts in the sky that were first established by astronomers of the past, and how, to this day, we still use them as guides. Rug up warm, grab a seat or a beanbag and search the skies using our astronomy rated binoculars.

So many stars and a planet or two…

You will then be shown stellar sights (through our large 12 inch GOTO Dobsonian telescope) that the ancients could never dream of seeing: pairs of stars so close that they appear to be one, colourful families of stars, and round clusters that have stars so plentiful that they appear to be frozen fireworks. Young and old (really old!), near and far; the stars have so much to tell us

The realm of the nebulae…

On those nights when the moon acts shy and hides below the horizon, the wonders of deep space become available for viewing. This is when we get to visit the realm of the nebulae. We will have a look at those that reflect the light of stars, those that emit their own light, and those great ‘holes’ in the starry fields that hide the light of countless stars behind them.

Fixed Date Tickets

Each of our tours has the option to select a "Fixed Date" ticket. If you purchase one of these tickets, your experience will go ahead even if there is cloud over, however it will take the format of an informal presentation with questions and answers.

General Information

Join us on our ventures into the night sky. We look forward to sharing its beauty and knowledge with you.

This is an event where the program is based outside for around 60 minutes. You will get cold. We highly recommend that you dress appropriately, and wear warms clothes and remember thick socks, especially in winter!


If you are not able to attend, you can request a refund up to 7 days before the event starts, but refunds, transfers or re-bookings are not available after this time, unless the event has been cancelled by weather (see the tour information for details). If you need to contact us after you have purchased tickets, please use the contact organiser link in the email that contained your ticket information.

Monitor our website for notifications to check if you event is going ahead.