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We recommend you approach from Ellesmere Road & Hudsons Road if coming from Christchurch

On arrival, Greenpark Memorial Community Centre might appear closed as all the lights will be turned off to ensure you become adapted to the dark (takes around 20 minutes). We operate from the rear of the building.

There is ample parking on the road, please use the area opposite the main gates (in front of the school) as you approach. Or if the gate is open you can park in the area to the right of the building entrance, indicated.

The entrance is at the front of the Greenpark Memorial Community Centre. Follow the path along the hedge, the main entrance is to the left of the building.

We spend a considerable amount of time outside. Wear a hat, layer up and include thick warm socks, gloves and a scarf.

Our personal tours are especially designed for small groups or families or couples. We don't want you standing around in the cold queuing or dealing with kids who are bored, therefore if you have a group of 10 or more, please see our Corporate Events page for information.

Booking & Payments:
Our booking, ticketing and payment processing is entirely online. We are not able accept other methods of payment, nor can we accommodate your visit without a ticket. 

We now operate a Fixed Date option but will not operate in severe weather (ice, snow etc). In the event that we cancel due to bad weather, you will be transferred to another date or refunded, depending on your ticket choice.